• Rome car lights
  • Mendocino Glass Beach
  • Siena Piazza del Campo
  • Stockholm Gamla Stan snow
  • San Francisco Mission Dolores old mission

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Koji Kawano Profile PhotoAn amateur photographer and avid runner who calls San Francisco home. Born and raised in Japan. Moved to northern California after 21 years, seeking exposure to Western cultures. Bought the first DSLR in 2010 and is in pursuit of perfecting captivating imagery in cityscape, landscape, architecture, and sports. Looking to photography to uncover and explore artistic side of me. Fascinated by natural beauty, cityscape, and athleticism, I cannot get enough of photographing them. Particularly, vivid colors in nature, lights and shadow in cityscape, and unspoken energies in runners catch my eyes and my Nikon D90. Passionate about running, as seen in my other blog, My Life as a Runner.