Arch Corridor at Stockholm Olympic Stadium

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Stockholm Olympic Stadium Arch Corridor

The other day I received an email from DOM publishers who wanted to use my photo of Stockholm Olympic Stadium arch corridor (above) and another one from the stadium for their publication about sport buildings. They did not offer any financial compensation but promised that they properly credit my work, so I said OK. A couple of month ago, I had received another email from American Tourister about my Glass Beach photo. Nothing has come out of it yet, but I suppose it is one way to put my photography work out there.

When I was going through the photos from my last trip to Stockholm, I did not think the arch corridor photo was not that good, because the colors were a little pale and there was definitely under exposure problem. But with this interest from a book publisher, I revisited the photo. I clipped the right side to remove the highlights and corrected the exposure. A tiny boost in contrast as well. The result is a much nicer image of the brick arch corridor. I had a vertical version of the image (below) and gave it a similar treatment. It brought back the memory of the trip, too.

Stockholm Stadium Arch Corridor

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On August 11, 2013

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