Birch Forest of Tällberg

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Birch Forest Dalarna Sweden

Birch trees are ubiquitous across Sweden. I saw many of them in Stockholm, but it was not until I traveled to Dalarna when I saw forests after forests of them. The birch trees are very attractive with its silvery white bark with dark lenticels. In summer, bright green is added in the mix and looks very soothing and refreshing.

One morning I was walking in the town of Tällberg and took a few shots of this birch forest. Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice, and the bright contrast of green and white was lost in a gray weather. I was not very happy with the shots, so they sat on in the archive for a year. Since I have not been photographing much lately, I thought I’d give another look at past photographs and I decided to turn this one into grayscale. I wish I had more depth in this photo, which would have given more dimensions that draw viewers into the forest.

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On August 4, 2013
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