Bright Side of Flatiron Building

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Flatiron Building New York CIty

Massively popular among visitors and photographers, one can find hundreds of images of the Flatiron Building online, and here is one more. =) I wanted to post this, because I was in New York City over the weekend and able to capture one that I ended up liking. I have some close-ups that I may post later but I wanted this image to be the first. I chose to turn it into a grayscale image, because it seems to bring out the turn-of-century elegance of the building better. Different shades of gray make the photo more suitable in grayscale and have more impact as an image. But the biggest reason was chromatic aberration. I am too lazy to correct it, so I wanted to hide it by turning it into grayscale.

As always, I can critique on this image. I am not sure if this composition is the best. I know I wanted to include the entire building from the street level to the top, but what if I moved the closest corner of the building to the right to give the bright side of the Flatiron building the center stage? Should I have included the dark side of the Flatiron building to show the uniqueness of the building? I really wish there is a better way to see the images on the spot so that I don’t have to regret later. The 3-inch LCD monitor is too small, and the outdoor lighting makes it impossible to judge if any given image is good. How do professionals work around this?

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On March 26, 2013
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