Bronzy Earth and Shadows

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Woods at deCordova Sculpture Park

They say the best time to make landscape or cityscape photography is either around sunrise and sunset – the golden hours. That’s because the colors like red and orange make a scene more dramatic and moody. At either sunrise or sunset, these colors are perceived better than blue and green, because the sun is low (tangent to the Earth’s surface) and it takes longer for skylight to arrive, during which short-wavelength colors like blue and green are scattered out, leaving only red and orange to reach to the area. But colors are not the only players that make photography more interesting. The shadows can create moody images.

I took this shot when I saw the sun break through the clouds and cast explicit shadows. I was walking through deCordova Sculpture Park. It was a little too early for a sunset, so the skylight was still white, but it made good long shadows and gave the Earth good shiny bronze color. If it was a clear sunset, it would have been more vibrant orange. Since I started to make photography, I get exited when the sun comes out of no where and illuminates the Earth entirely differently. It makes me happy, too, but only if I have my camera with me.

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On April 25, 2013
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