Fall Colors in Lenox

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Fall Colors in Lenox

Golden hour brings richness out of nature, and it seems especially so in the fall when various natural colors are amplified. I was walking around the town of Lenox when I saw this red house (or barn) with a beautiful mature oak tree in front. Some sort of vine was dressing up the tree with different shades of red, orange, yellow and green. The red house alone was pretty enough, trying to soak up the late afternoon sun, but everything around it made it a picture-perfect fantastic fall image of a small New England town. Before the unforgiving harsh cold winter arrives, it is orchestrating a festive set of fall colors for people to enjoy and appreciate. Fantastic.

Lenox is a small town in Berkshire County of western Massachusetts. It is an adorable town with well manicured shops and beautiful homes, as well as a good selection of restaurants. There are quite a few inns and B&Bs that can accommodate visitors from surrounding areas. As much as I enjoyed it in the fall, I think the summer is a nice time to visit Lenox as well.

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On October 17, 2013
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