Flatiron Building and the Sun

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Flatiron Building New York City Edge Cut Sun

The image from New York City’s Flatiron Building again. When you are a tourist, you tend to take a lot of shots of the same thing. This time, it is in color and a close-up. There are a couple of things I like about this image. One is the sun’s reflection on one of the windows. I’ve shot many photos with the sun but they all came out with lots of flare. I’ve been using a hood and that is definitely helping prevent the glare. It was a coincidence to get the sun’s reflection, but I am glad I captured it without any glare. I also like the sky having much less clouds on the sunny side of the building and much more on the dark side. I think this gave the image more texture and prevented it from becoming flat.

Unfortunately, all the other Flatiron building photos did not come out great, so I won’t be posting any more of it. It was cold and windy on that day. And I was with my friends. The clouds were moving very fast, and it was too cold to wait for interesting shots. There are flatiron buildings in San Francisco, too. Maybe I will shoot some here and make a series.

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On March 27, 2013
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