Glass Beach of California North Coast

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Glass Beach Fort Bragg

Ever since I saw a photo of Glass Beach in Milky Way Scientists, I was looking forward to the opportunity to visit and make photography of this beach. It’s a tourist attraction in Fort Bragg but I could not help but find myself disappointed about the state of the beach. Though visitors are not allowed to pick glass off of the beach, many have done so, and the beach is not as one would expect from the pretty name. From this image, it may not look that bad, but most of the beach is covered with regular pebbles and sand.

This was a blind shot with the camera placed on the beach. I did not mean to blur the foreground, but the shutter would not fire when I tilted the lens down to try focusing on the foreground. I used a polarizer, so perhaps that’s why I could not get the shutter to fire. No doubt it would have been a better image if the foreground was clearer, but I think it gives a different mood from otherwise focused image, so I decided to blog it. With the foreground blurred, this image draws more attention to the water, rocks or sky, though the Glass Beach was supposed to be the subject… Maybe I should use a different title.

Glass Beach Closeup

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On May 21, 2013
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