Golden Gate Bridge From Fort Point

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Golden Gate Bridge and Fog

It was a classic San Francisco summer day with cool temperature and onshore fog. During the few hours I spent by the bay, the fog just sat there and kept the top portion of the bridge from being seen. Very typical. I discovered, though, as I arrived at the foot of the bridge, the Fort Point was open to the public. As long as I’ve known, this masonry fort had been closed and visitors had been refused to get any closer to this one of the most famous landmarks of the country. I walked up to the roof top of the fort to get a good look at the bridge. It is hard to experience from this photo, but the Golden Gate and the bridge that connects San Francisco and Marin County is such an awesome sight that never gets old.

Not obvious from the photo, but the gusty wind kept me from standing steady, and I had to lean against a wall to get a good shot. I had my tripod but it was no use, because it was not heavy enough to withstand the wind.

The Fort Point is open to public during the summer and free to enter.

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On July 21, 2013
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