Kite Racing at 2013 North American Championship

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Kite racing at crissy field

It was not a picture-perfect sunny California day, but it was a typical windy, beginning of summer day in San Francisco. When I walked over to Crissy Field, there were a bunch of kites in the air over the bay. It so happened that there was 2013 North American Kite Racing Championship being held on the bay. It was pretty spectacular, and I was very glad to be able to photograph it. However, it was not a perfect day or location to photograph anything, because sand and moisture was flying all over. Unfortunately, I did not notice through my viewfinder how dirty my lens were getting… I also did not even think I should clean in case it got dirty. Amateur…

The wind was pretty strong, and I suppose it was perfect for kite racing. But at some point, the wind was so strong that I had a hard time standing still with my camera, trying to focus on the kite. If I was using my bigger lens, I would have had to use a tripod. Perhaps, I should have used it anyway. While they did not come out blurry, I did not see sharpness in them, either. I needed to use faster shutter speed.

When I saw the raw files at home, I was so disappointed. So many of the photos had smudges. I also used polarizer with Auto ISO turned on, which ended up with ugly grainy pixels.

But sometimes, I like certain images despite shortcomings. Smudges, grainy pixels, lack of sharpness, a bit of highlights, etc.

Kites on sand at Crissy Field

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On June 7, 2013
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  1. Linsey says:

    I really love your pictures!
    I also think that you are an great photographer! I have been to California myself so I know what you mean about the weather you mentioned … But i must say that the pictures that you posted are very clear and great shots of the kites! Im sorry about how some your pictures didn’t turn out so great due to the weather but I’m sure you did a great job on the pictures and you tried your very best!
    Keep up the excellent work!

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