Mendocino Coast near Elk

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Elk Coast

Here are a couple of Mendocino coast views from the property we stayed in Elk. The backyard drops about 60 meters to the ocean whose rugged, rather dramatic coastline continues to the north and the south. The image above is to the north, and the one below is to the south from the property. Both images were taken at the same time, and I used the same camera setting, too. You can tell from the color of water that the water is shallower and there is a sandy beach to the south. It is interesting how the coastal erosion has been done with rugged rocks on one side and sandy beach on the other, merely 100 meters between. We were lucky to have this view, because often the Mendocino coast is covered by coastal fog. The fog stayed away offshore most of the time, though it did come onshore in one or two evenings.

When I took these shots, I kept my Nikon circular polarizer on, although the sun was right above the water at around 2:30 pm. I am not sure if the polarizer reduced the sun’s reflection on the water, which is one of the polarizer effects. I intentionally excluded the horizon from these shots, because I liked the colors of the water, rocks and vegetation. The sky was blue with few clouds, but it had a lot of white, and I did not want to have blown-out highlights in these images.

Elk Coast and Beach

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On May 24, 2013

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