Mendocino Sunset

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Mendocino Sunset

Sunset is one of most popular photo opportunities, because lights are fantastic, shadows are more prominent, creates silhouette, colors are warm, all of which give an image moods. But it is not always easy to make a good image with the actual sun in it, because exposure setting is tricky. While you spend time looking for the perfect setting, the sun can move rather quickly and disappear beyond the horizon.

When I took this Mendocino sunset shot, there was still plenty of day light. I used polarizer to darken the image and try getting gradation effect. I thought I could get a good halo-effect around the cypress trees. I did not want the trees and ground to be totally black, because there were some nice details, such as shadows and texture of tree branches. I am happy with the result with dark blue sky at the top with the golden sunset lighting the trees. The offshore fog made the sunset soft and the gradation smooth. I am glad there was no clouds in the sky, because, while it might have made the sky too bright. Of course, I would love to create an image with pink sky over infinite body of water someday.

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On May 30, 2013
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