Mission Dolores Basilica Chapel

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Chapel at Mission Dolores Basilica

Chapel at Mission Dolores Basilica is very popular among local couples as a venue for their wedding ceremony. When I visited Mission Dolores this weekend, a wedding ceremony had just started. It was a small ceremony but they had a traditional mariachi band whose music echoed in the church and made the wedding party bigger than it actually was. I was not supposed to take any pictures during the wedding ceremony, but I took one from the very back of the church, so that the wedding party is not recognizable. The chapel is dimly lit and definitely needed a triod. Since this was a quick stealth shot, I just rested my camera on the bench and hoped the camera did not move during the exposure. Next time, I should go there in the early morning (it does not open until 9:00 am), so I could take my time photographing the interior as I wish.

There is another chapel at Old Mission (next door). It is much smaller and cozier. It is also well lit by florescent lighting, so it lacks a sense of being in the church, in my opinion. Outside, there is a small courtyard and cemetery. I will share outdoor photos in my next post.

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On August 12, 2013

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