Mission Dolores Basilica

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Mission Dolores Basilica and Dome

Mission Dolores is a major landmark in our neighborhood. Bus loads of visitors come to see the Old Mission and Basilica every day. One sunny day I was walking on Church street and saw the gate to a parking next to Children’s Council. The parking is also right behind Mission Dolores Basilica and Old Mission. The parking lot was empty, so I had a pretty good view of Mission Dolores from a unusual angle. This was one of those walk-by shots, and I did not stay there for a long time to try different shots. So, there is a room for improvement, in terms of composition. Maybe I should try this again. I have never been inside the basilica or the Old Mission. This post inspires me to go visit today.

By the way, I miss the blue sky. The summer is here in San Francisco and it’s been not sunny and been cool. While the rest of the country enjoys the warm temperature and associated activities, the locals wear in layers during the day and bundled up in the evenings.

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On August 10, 2013

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