Pole Vault Form and Height

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This August I participated in Track & Field competition during the Gay Games 9 in Akron, Ohio. I had a plenty of opportunities photographing fellow athletes from all over the world, though it was limited to Track & Field, because venues for the other sports were not close by.

I must say quality of the competition was pretty good, and I was able to capture some nice images. This one is of Zavion Kotze of South Africa, trying to clear over four meters in Pole Vault (World record is 6.16 meters). I have not considered doing this event, so I won’t even go into how hard this event is. In order to reach this height, athletes must have speed, strength, timing and technique, all of which produces great height and beautiful form.

It is not easy to get good images out of pole vault, because the traveling speed differs during a trial. Approach, take off, swing up, extension, turn and drop all have different speed and acceleration. It also has a wider range (vertically and horizontally), compared to high jump. Luckily, each athlete has three attempts, so you can practice when the bar is low and learn each athlete’s trajectory, ideally. I like this image, because his curvy lines are very clean and make a great contrast with sharper lines of bar and pole.

I have a few more images from the competition and will post them in coming days.

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On August 25, 2014
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