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If you’ve ever seen shot put competition, you know how powerful it is. I am not just talking about the athletes whose physique tends to be over-powering and their grunting intimidating, but the whole process of generating power through momentum and transforming it to distance. Whether athletes are gliding or spinning to throw the shot, the focus is to throw the shot as far as possible by transferring power to the shot. When process is done right, it is elegant as it is powerful. Shot put is a simple competition, but once you wrap your hand(s) around the shot, you realize how much power you would need to even lift it up, let alone throw it. The shot weighs 16 lb (7.26 kg) for masters men. Nathan DeSomber in this photo threw 16.39 m in this competition. 

Photographing shot put might be easier than other track and field events, because shot putters remain in the ring, which is 7 feet (2.135 m) in diameter. Having said that, when they are spinning, they can easily go out of the frame even if you try to track them. I wish I had his right foot in this photo, because that would have made a complete image. I wanted to capture his range of motion as much as possible, so I shot vertical and as closely as I could. I think this image works but still would have liked his right foot! A vantage point for shot put is shooting shot putters from behind the ring. If the lighting works, you could get a good shot of athlete with the shot put in the air. I tried this, but I got too much highlight as they were throwing into the sun.

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On August 26, 2014
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