Red Sox First Baseman and His Runner

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Red Sox First Baseman and Rays runner

Exciting aspect of sports photography is to capture a moment of action that is electrifying and glowing. In baseball, that maybe a closeup of a pitcher’s face, who is about to release his fastball. Or, it maybe the moment when a runner is charging to home plate that is tightly guarded by a catcher. But playing photographer from a spectator seat does not really give me a chance to capture such excitement. No photos printed in Sports Illustrated are shot from where I was sitting. So I was going for composition that does not require a Press Pass but still interesting. Having gone through the shots from the game, this one caught my eye and gave me a chuckle. Boston Red Sox’s first baseman, Mike Napoli, and his runner were both ready for the next pitch and the batter’s swing at it. You can see their focus in their serious faces. What made me chuckle was, in this photo, the runner’s leading form resemble Napoli’s fielding position. =) The fact that this photo does not include any other players or an umpire makes it funnier.

When I don’t have a seat that is close to the field or court, I can always try finding an interesting composition rather than capturing exciting actions. That could be found in the spectators, beer/peanut/candy boys, or of course, players. I have another shot from the Red Sox game, which is interesting enough to post here, so I will share it later.

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On April 22, 2013
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