Redwood Trail in Golden Gate Park

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Golden Gate Park Trail

I often run to and through Golden Gate Park, and it is one of my favorite places to run in San Francisco. But I usually run on sidewalk along major streets and rarely think of hitting the trail. When I have a gorgeous redwood trail like this, there are no reasons why I should not run on the trail! This particular redwood trail starts near DeYoung Museum and runs parallels with JFK Drive and comes out to the Rose Garden. There are other trails around the park and it is rather amazing we have such preserved nature in the middle of a major city.

I used the prime lens (60mm) when I photographed this. In the past, I used this lens primarily for micro shots, but I read somewhere I could use this for street photography and more, so I decided to try. After a few hours of shooting in the park, I am not too sure if this lens is good for nature photography like this image. I like this particular image, but other photos in a very similar setting came out blurry and I was disappointed. I did use a tripod and wind was not an issue, so I don’t know why they came out blurry. I should try again and understand why the lens does not produce crisp images. Oh, by the way, I ordered a L bracket from Really Right Stuff. It is pretty expensive for a little piece of metal. It should be delivered in a couple of days, so I will try shooting more vertical shots on a tripod!

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On June 6, 2013
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