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Liverpool Lils Pub Scene

Liverpool Lil’s is an English pub popular among locals in the San Francisco neighborhood of Cow Hollow. When I was at a table, I really liked the diffused amber color in the pub, which gave it very warm and comfort feeling. That’s why I took this shot. But the photograph had some subtle problems, such as highlights and noises. Turning it to black and white solves most of the problems, I think. The comfy feeling is lost by turning it to grayscale, but it retains neighborly feel to it.

Restaurants with lots of objects on the wall and different lights can be a good scene to photograph. Modern restaurants with minimal decor can also work if there is good energy from people. Inside restaurants, you will definitely need longer exposure and people moving around can cause problems. But when you work around these potential problems, you can get interesting images. Since it requires longer exposure, it is better to set the camera on the table and try different angles. Tables can be wobbly, so make sure the camera won’t move when you press the shutter; otherwise, use a timer/remote. As long as you don’t use a flash and you don’t hold the camera, people won’t notice and you can get good shots.

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On May 4, 2013
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