San Francisco City Hall Rotunda and Interior

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San Francisco City Hall interior walls

Having lived in San Francisco nearly 15 years, I had not gone inside the City Hall until very recently. The building and the Civic Center area is nice enough to look at from outside and I had had no business going inside the City Hall. I have heard from others that the inside was quite beautiful and I have seen the dramatic staircase in movies and pictures. But it was not until a community meeting I was attending and it made quite an impression on me. The dome, rotunda and the staircase are something and definitely worth seeing in person. From what I gather, the dome is the fifth largest in the world and Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio here. The City of San Francisco gives a tour on weekday, so that’s something I would be interested in doing soon.

Inside the City Hall does not have a lot of lighting; natural or otherwise. When I shot this, it was a typical San Francisco cloudy day outside, so I had to find a good setting. I did not have to use a tripod. I like how this photo came out. The colors and the layers of the wall are interesting. Because of the poor lighting, I used fast aperture, which lost depth of field, making the image a little flat. If I were to capture better DOF, I would have had to use longer exposure and a tripod. Maybe next time, I will try that.

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On March 9, 2013
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