Sea of Fall Foliage

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Sea of New England Fall Foliage

Even in northern California, there are trees whose leaves turn bright yellow and red before they end up on the ground or street in the fall. But we don’t have a lot of them that resembles a sea of fall foliage like this image, figuratively speaking. So it was a treat to visit New England and see beautiful fall colors and photograph them. This time it was western Massachusetts and Boston neighborhoods. This particular image was from Lenox town center. The sun was setting and the evening light brought warm colors out of hundreds of fallen leaves. If it was not during the golden hour, the colors would not have been bright and the leaves would have looked pretty dead and cold. I don’t know what happens to these leaves in this particular park. Do the town folks rake them and compost? Does the wind just blow them away?

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On October 21, 2013
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