Skunk Train by Mendocino Railway

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Skunk Train California Western

A group of us took this Skunk Train from Fort Bragg. The train is serviced by California Western between Fort Bragg and Willits, traveling 40 miles in seven to eight hours. Unfortunately, the first tunnel out of Fort Bragg has caved in and been closed, which shortened our round-trip to one hour. It is estimated more than $300,000 to re-open the tunnel. The operator of Skunk Train, Mendocino Railway, is asking for help to raise the fund. I am a bit of a railroad fan, so it would have been great to take the trip as we planned. Maybe I will go back for a different occasion.

The locomotive pulled three cars, one of which was an open car. Because of the shortened trip, it was traveling extra slowly at 5mph. As soon as the train left Fort Bragg, it took us through forests and meadows for 3.4 miles until we came to a stop just before the closed tunnel. I stood in the open car the whole time, and it was tricky to take photos on the train, because the light changed as we went through the forests. I had a polarizer on and it was not suitable to take certain shots because it was too dark. It would have been convenient to have two cameras; one with the polarizer and one without, because putting the polarizer on and taking it off is too much work, and it can introduce problems in the process.

California Western Locomotive

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On May 23, 2013
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