Still a Bench

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Weathered Bench

I saw this weathered bench on the way up to Town Hall Tower in Siena and found it endearing for some reason. It no longer looks like it is functional. If this bench was in the States, it would not have been there for liability reasons, or there would be a big sign alerting people to sit at their own risk. Am I too American or jaded to think that way? Anyway, it was there, as if it still was a bench for visitors to sit on. Some may sit on it, since the walk up to the tower is pretty exhausting. But to me, it was more of an accessory and I found it very charming.

About the image for a minute, I did amp up saturation a bit to give the colors a punch; especially, the greens from the bench and moss on the wall and floor. I must admit the composition and perspective are rather boring. I did not have much strength left after hiking up the stairs.

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On February 13, 2013
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