Ventura Pier

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Ventura Pier

Luckily, strong onshore wind that had blown sand all over the place earlier in the afternoon died down. I was expecting a little warmer evening in this small southern California seaside town of Ventura, but that’s my luck. Warmer than San Francisco, I told myself. Since I had to get up at 3:30 next morning for a 6:20 marathon start, I was not going to spend much time shooting photos that evening. I also did not do much research as to what photographs had already been taken in Ventura, so I just went to the pier and started shooting. The sun was setting but there was still good light left. This particular one was actually over-exposed and not salvageable in color, but I like how the water turned out. Longer exposure gives the water context and movement. The right side of the water is still over-exposed (all white) and lost details, but I think it’s less noticeable in black and white. In grayscale, it’s funny that it totally loses sense of time. Just looking at this image, one would not know the golden light was hitting the pillars of the pier and the blue cloudless California sky was quickly turning orange and darker. BTW, this theme is not very suitable for black and white images. It makes everything gloomy and depressing!

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On September 30, 2014

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