Wildflowers of California

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Wild Flower Ice Plant Pink Flower at Glass Beach

It’s hard not to take photographs of wildflowers, such as Ice Plants and California Poppy, when they are in full bloom. The colors are so bright and vibrant against any background. I had my micro lens with me when I saw these flowers at separate occasions, but it was too windy to change lens out in the wind, so I used my 80-200mm. The windy sunny day makes it difficult to shoot a micro shot. The subject, especially fragile ones, such as flowers or foliage, is blown by the wind and can move quite a bit. You can try to block the wind with your body, which could make composition and lighting difficult. Obviously, you don’t want your own shadow on the subject or having the sun hit on the subject too harshly. Then, when you are kneeling down close to such subject, it is not easy to support your weight and stay perfectly still. I was afraid the photos might come out with blown-out highlights or blurry image, but they came out OK.

I was on my way to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg when I saw the Ice Plants covering the ground with its succulent-like green foliage and pink flowers. I think it would make a gorgeous image if the ground was covered by the pink flowers, but that was not the case in Fort Bragg. I have seen photos of “pink beach” that was from this flower.

California Poppies are modest and unassuming but very tolerant in dry weather conditions. I took below image at the house we stayed in Elk. The grass was pretty much dried out, but the poppies were thriving. Because of its yellow and golden colors, it is the official state flower of California.

Wildflower California Poppy at Bella Mare Beach House

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On May 29, 2013
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